Chef Noam Korens Culinary Center 

נועם, תטעם

For chef Noam Koren it is all about doing what you love. Love for people, tastes, fragrances and social meetings and the will to combine all of those –  brought us to found the Culinary Center
 The Culinary Center is led by Noam Koren who served as chef and pastry chef in such places as "Mizpe Hayamim Hotel", "Muscat restaurant", "Cnaan Spa hotel" and more.

Our company specializes in active cooking workshops for groups.

We now offer a unique product: An active cooking workshop in English that presents the Israeli cuisine.  


אנחנו מכינות קינוח

–      The workshop is active – Participants will actually cook the food.

–      The workshop will be concluded by a rich buffet lunch/dinner, accompanied by red wine, juice and hot drinks.

–      Total activity time: about 3 hours (Including meal time).

–      The workshop can be conducted in English or Hebrew.

–      We will supply all the ingredient and equipment needed to hold the workshop.

–      The workshop is suitable for groups from 10 to 100 participants.

–      Other menus of different types of cuisine are available as well.

–      Workshops are Kosher.

 sample menu

workshops can be held at any location in Israel both indoors and outdoors.


For details contact: Yael 073-750-90-30